“I have been seeing Matt (Matthew Hissong) regularly for the past month or so, and I have seen drastic improvements in my body and my own awareness of my body. At first, we take measurements, and see how balanced (or unbalanced) my body is. From there, we get a nice view of what we’re working with, and which direction we want to go. Most of the time, any physical pain or discomfort that I point out will be the cause of the imbalance. Matt works with you, and educates you on your body, muscles, anatomy, and specifics on why you are feeling certain discomforts. This is KEY, because it allows you to view a perspective of your own body, and the human body in general that would have been impossible before. With this knowledge, it’s easier to work in synchronicity, since you’re easier able to diagnose and treat certain things on your own. It also greatly helps with communication between both parties, and speeds up the re-adjustment of your body. Since seeing Matt regularly, I’ve noticed a large improvement in my understanding of my own body, injury prevention, and balance/harmony of my entire form. It’s easy now to point out things I do in my daily life that may attribute to the misalignments and discomforts that come from repetitive and unhealthy movements, and lack of proper form when executing physical tasks. I recommend Matt to most of my friends that complain of physical pain (mostly shoulder pain) since I work in a restaurant which requires you to carry around heavy trays, putting large amounts of stress on your shoulder and other joints.” -D.B.

“Matthew Hissong is among the absolute best bodyworkers I’ve ever encountered. He takes a very analytical approach to his work- beginning by measuring faults in posture and uneven alignments, then massaging and stretching accordingly. It’s a great system and he’s excellent at gauging how much pressure to use, what needs the most work and how best to deliver results. If you ever have the chance to get work done by him, seize it!” -S.M.

“Matthew has been awesome! I’ve had 3 sessions with him and each time my body has felt better than before. It’s a great release for these sore muscles after a great week of CrossFit workouts.” -J.N.

“This is not massage! Matthew is truly a healer. His knowledge of body mechanics combined with his sensitivity and intuition make his work very powerful.  Sometimes it isn’t always ‘fun’, but how I feel at the end of a session and the sustained results I’ve gotten make it worth the occasional ‘yow!’. Treat yourself. He gets 5+ stars from me.” -N.P.

“I have had the privilege to experience the healing touch of Matthew Hissong’s message therapy. I injured myself as a novice Crossfitter, and my then coach recommended Matthew. At first I was in so much pain, I did not appreciate anyone touching my muscles! However, under Matthew’s care I have returned to full health with full range of motion again, and am back at exercising again!” -W.M.S.

“I have had multiple body work sessions from Matt and was very impressed with not only his knowledge of the body & how it works but how he is always expanding on that understanding and adding new techniques to his practice. I appreciated how he would explain what he was doing as he worked on me which gave insight into how I created that point of tension and how to avoid it in the future. I always left his sessions feeling much more relaxed and informed about my body and how my actions affect it.” -S.B.